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Bugs breaks 30,000 music recommendation playlist'Music PD album'

NHN Bucks (CEO Yang Ju-il) announced on the 8th that the number of high-quality music recommendation playlists'Music PD Album' has exceeded 30,000.

The music PD album is a playlist recommended by other members of the Bugs member selected as'Music PD' by selecting a theme and selecting the appropriate music. The Music PD system started in July 2011 to systematically manage and provide quality music playlists. As of June, there are about 1,500 music PDs active. The 30,000 music PD albums they created are categorized by theme and genre in the'Explore' menu.

Music PD albums can only be produced by members who have been approved as Music PD after a certain review. Subsequently, NHN Bugs' music PD album manager ▲ selects songs of a specific singer repeatedly or checks whether they are similar to existing themes and playlists, and selects and provides less than 30 albums a day. In addition, ▲ tags that match the theme and song are registered one by one. ▲ After exposure to the album, management such as replacement of unserviced music sources is periodically performed.

Music PD albums are also popular on YouTube. In May 2019, Bugs opened an ``essential'' channel on YouTube to introduce excellent music PD albums. In one year, subscribers exceeded 200,000, and more than 8,000 per week are increasing. The cumulative number of video views reached 25 million times.

In addition, Bugs released the list of the most selected songs and recommended music PD albums based on statistics from 2011 to the present. On the Bugs website, you can check ▲ Top 100 Korean music songs from the previous music PD albums ▲ Top 100 overseas songs from the previous music PD albums.

"We provide differentiated music recommendation services through the music PD system and provide various rewards to music PDs so that members can actively exchange music," said Bugs. I will try to be more loved by Esau.”

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